March 2012




General Rate Increase April 15, 2012 on all imports from Asia/U.S. and Canada

Please be advised that the ocean carriers have announced another General Rate Increase (GRI) for all dry cargo originating from all Asia ports including Japan, North Asia and India Sub-Continent destined to all ports to the USA effective April 15, 2012. The GRI is applicable to standard containers, flat rack, opentop, tank, and all other types of special equipment (except reefers) at the following amounts:

LCL $6.00 w/m (minimum $4.00)

US $320.00 per 20' container

US $400.00 per 40' container

US $450.00 per 40' high-cube container

US $510.00 per 45' container


If there is a change or mitigation to the GRI by the carriers, we will keep you informed

Import - Bunker Surcharge (Fuel) effective April 1, 2012 for 2nd quarter.

The new inbound Bunker Surcharge (Fuel) as assessed by the carries for the second quarter is as follows. Effective dates are April 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012.
EQUIPMENT TYPE 20' 40' 40H' 45'
DRY USD 453 566 637 717
FR/OT/TANK USD 453 566 - -
REEFER USD 453 566 637 -
EQUIPMENT TYPE 20' 40' 40H' 45'
DRY USD 871 1089 1225 1379
FR/OT/TANK USD 871 1089 - -
REEFER USD 871 1089 1225 -
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