May 2011

Ocean Freight

Air Cargo

Ocean Freight

Peak Season Surcharge

Please be advised that the ocean carriers have announced a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) originating from all Asia ports including Japan, North Asia and India Sub-Continent destined to all ports to the USA effective June 15, 2011 to all US East Coast destinations and July 15, 2011 through November 30, 2011 to US West Coast destinations at the following amounts:

  • LCL $8.00 w/m (minimum $8.00)
  • US $320.00 per 20' container
  • US $400.00 per 40' container
  • US $450.00 per 40' high-cube container
  • US $506.00 per 45' container

If there is a change to the PSS by carriers, we will continue to keep you informed.

Export Markings on Cargo

We have received alerts from several overseas agents informing us that Customs in the destination country will not accept bills of lading that do not indicate export markings on the cargo.
We cannot leave that field blank, nor can we show “No Export Marks” or any other wording to that effect.

It is important that shippers realize that the Export Marks are often the only way the destination warehouse has of identifying and segregating LCL cargo. Simple markings are always the best and should include the following ~

  • Consignee’s name or abbreviation thereof
  • Port of discharge overseas
  • Number of packages {example 1 of 3, 2 or 3, etc.}
  • Country of origin

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Air Cargo

Cargo Screening

International Freight Systems would like to remind shippers that under TSA air cargo security guidelines and mandates, all Air Cargo shipments are subject to security screening methods including (but not limited to) physical search. Contact our Air Freight department with questions or concerns.
In addition, TSA continues to enhance its programs designed to provide 100% screening of International cargo Inbound to the United States. At this time, we have not perceived any cargo transit delays due to these changes, but will continue to monitor the situation as additional layers of security are added by TSA. We will continue to keep our customers and associates advised of changes that may affect their cargo shipments.

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