August 2009
    In addition to the General Rate Increase (GRI) that was effective August 10, 2009, many Trans-Pacific Eastbound (TPEB) carriers have announced a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) or Equipment Reposition Charge from Asia to the USA and Canada effective September 2009 at the following amounts:
  • $320 per 20'
  • $400 per 40'
  • $450 per 40' HC
  • $505 per 45' Container
  • $8.00 per w/m LCL
    Importers have been enjoying artificially low rates for quite some months, but now the carriers simply cannot continue to carry cargo at a loss. Thus, the rates simply must come up or carriers will be forced to discontinue services.
    In the event that the full charge does take effect by the carriers, International Freight Systems will be forced to pass this charge along. In the meantime we are continuing to negotiate with the ocean carriers to lessen or eliminate these amounts.
    If any mitigation and/or delay of the PSS is confirmed by the carriers we will continue to pass the savings along as applicable.

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