August 2009

    International Freight Systems is pleased to announce a new member to our staff, Donald S. Wallace, in the newly-created position of Operations Manager. Don brings a wealth of experience to our company.
    In his position as Operations Manager, Don will be focusing on Customs compliance issues, tariff classifications, Customs rulings, Customs system technology and all new regulatory reporting requirements that are currently in place or on the horizon. In addition, he will be working directly with our clients to insure compliance in all phases of importing.  
    As many of you know, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has implemented many new programs in the past few years; Automated Manifest System, Importer Security Filing, The Lacey Act, USDA Wood Packaging Regulations and now the beginning of the ACE system which will eventually integrate all U.S. government regulatory agencies that are involved with imported goods. Many changes to the importing community are going to be happening and International Freight Systems will be ready to implement these changes as quickly and efficiently as possible. We feel that Don’s background and knowledge will aid us for this future in the best possible way.
    Don started in the Customs Brokerage business in 1982 as a document runner, advancing quickly to an import clerk-typist. After 7 years, he took a position with an Automated Broker Interface (ABI) service provider, something very new in the customs business, as U.S. Customs began to computerize and electronically process import shipments.
    After working in the ABI service provider industry for 14 years, Don decided he would like to get back into the daily business of actually handling paperwork again and took and passed the Customs Broker examination, a feat akin to passing the lawyer’s bar exam, except the background investigation is much more intensive. Don became a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker in 2003.
    Don was offered the position of assistant manager at a large Customs Broker on the U.S.-Canadian border at Blaine, Washington in 2003 where he remained until this past June when International Freight Systems asked him to join our team. Don’s arrival at International Freight Systems brings the total of U.S. Licensed Customs Brokers in the office to three, considered by most to be over-abundant, but, we feel, giving us a vast pool of knowledge to draw from.
    Please welcome Don Wallace to our staff. We are extremely happy to have someone of Don’s abilities and knowledge and know that you will be too!

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