December 3, 2007 
Ocean Freight Air Cargo Customs & Border Protection
Welcome to the first electronic newsletter from International Freight Systems!!!


Over the years we have always tried to keep our clients informed of the latest trends and changes in international trade with personal calls and emails. We have no intention of replacing those one-on-one communications. However, with the tremendous number of changes in security measures, the constant fluctuation of transportation costs and the incredible amount of information affecting international commerce, we have decided to share the most pertinent items that will have an impact on most, if not all, of our importing and exporting clients through an electronic newsletter.



News relating to product or trade route-specific changes will continue to be communicated to our clients individually.



We hope that you will find our newsletter informative and of great benefit to you in our continued monitoring of international trade rules, regulations, oversight and trends.

If you have questions about anything that we report, please feel free to contact us for further in-depth discussion and review as you have done in the past.


The International Freight Systems staff

Ocean Freight


Increase in BAF for the Transpacific Market


We will keep you updated as much as possible on increases in BAF from Asia to North America and vice versa.  The ocean carriers have increased their fuel surcharge monthly to try to keep up with the price of fuel.  While we try to negotiate the best rates with the ocean carriers on behalf of our customers, these BAF increases represent a 12% increase from November to December, and another 20% increase from December 2007 to January 2008.


In addition, the BAF rates on the Transatlantic Market have increased on an average of 20% per month for the last 2 months.


Furthermore, some ocean carriers have stated that they intend on charging a new surcharge called EFR (Emergency Fuel Recovery) which will be effective December 20, 2007.  This is in addition to the normal BAF increases.  Stay tuned.


Vessels full to capacity


Please be advised that vessels both inbound and outbound are full to capacity and in many cases overbooked.  We strongly suggest that you book your cargo at least 2 – 3 weeks in advance of the vessel cut off so that we can insure space for you.


PSS extended


Due to the high volume of ocean cargo from Asia to the United States , most ocean carriers have announced that they will extend the Peak Season Surcharge through February 28, 2008. 



Air Cargo


TSA (Transportation Security Administration) inspection of cargo


Please be aware that when shipping air cargo there are many layers of security and regulations.

All cargo shipments are subject to inspection.  International Freight Systems will not automatically perform such inspection, except as may be required by law.


Please watch for further updates on new TSA requirements.  The TSA regulates all aspects of air cargo security.  Their website is



Airlines Continue to Announce Increase in Fuel Surcharges


The airlines announced additional increases in fuel surcharges in November. The marketplace has been receiving a new round of increase notices from the carriers with effective dates ranging from the beginning to mid December. Please consult your International Freight Systems representative for current details. 




Customs & Border Protection Updates


Following are the 2008 Federal Holidays.


January 1, 2008             New Year’s Day

January 21, 2008           Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday (observed)

February 18, 2008          President’s Day

May 26, 2008                Memorial Day

July 4, 2008                  Independence Day

September 1, 2008        Labor Day

October 13, 2008           Columbus Day

November 11, 2008       Veteran’s Day

November 27, 2008       Thanksgiving Day

December 25, 2008       Christmas Day



International Freight Systems (of WA) LLC Newsletter is a bulletin for customers and partners.  Information contained in this publication has been gathered from a number of public sources that, to the best International Freight Systems’ knowledge, are true and correct.  It is our intent to present only accurate information.  However, in the event any information contained in this newsletter is erroneous, International Freight Systems (of WA) LLC accepts no liability or responsibility.

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